I’ve just landed back in the UK after a trip to Antigua and it was one of the most incredible cultural experiences of my life. The main focus of the trip was to take part in the famous Antigua Carnival, which celebrated it’s 60th anniversary this year. The energy at Carnival was like nothing I had ever felt and getting to dance in the parade was a unique experience I will never forget. Carnival is a deep rooted part of Caribbean culture which has now spread all over the world, but I was lucky enough to experience an authentic and long-standing carnival right in the heart of The Caribbean.

Celebrations for the Antigua Carnival spread over 13 consecutive days, culminating with The Parade of the Bands on the 13th day. This is when the carnival-goers don their iconic carnival costumes and take to the streets of St John’s in the most incredible parade of colour, music, dancing and heritage. There’s no doubt that the women of the parade steal the show, with their flamboyant costumes that had clearly had months of planning put into them.

As a spectator, I was completely in awe of the women dancing past me, not only because of their spectacular costumes but also for their confidence. Women in Antigua are proud to show off their bodies and wore their costumes with pride, no matter how big or small they were. It was so refreshing and empowering to see, especially being from UK where women sadly strive to achieve unrealistic perfection.

I played the role of photographer at The Parade of the Bands and snapped some of my favourite costumes. A photo says a thousand words, so this is a photo post dedicated to all of the beautiful carnival girls at The Antigua Carnival 2017. You all looked incredible and you made me proud to be part of womankind.

Have a scroll through the photos and let me know which is your favourite carnival costume…

What did you think of my Antigua Carnival photo post? Which outfit is your favourite from my best dressed selection? I’d love to hear what you think so please leave a comment in the box below! Jess x 

My trip to Antigua was complimentary as part of a press trip with the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority. All thoughts and photos are my own.

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