Cruise holidays have always been stereotyped as a for older travellers. I’m 27 and recently did my first ever cruise around Scandinavia with Princess Cruises. Upon reflection of the epic 10 day experience, I would say that the stereotype is pretty accurate. There was definitely an older demographic on board Regal Princess, but why? Lets face it; cruising isn’t cool or popular in our generation, and I think it’s time this changed. I absolutely loved my cruise experience and genuinely, it has opened my eyes to an entirely new concept of travel. If things don’t change soon, we millennials (and the younger ‘Generation Z’) could miss out on a pretty incredible way to travel and see the world. Cruising may not be for everyone, but for people who love to travel, it’s definitely something you need to experience at least once. It’s time to start thinking outside the box, so here are 12 reasons to try a cruise in your 20’s and 30’s. 

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12 Reasons to Try a Cruise in your 20’s and 30’s

1. Its an amazing way visit multiple countries in one trip

Going on a cruise is definitely the most stylish, luxurious and stress-free ways to visit multiple countries on one trip. Forget the taxis, trains and planes of a typical multi-stop trip. Once you’re on board, the cruise ship is your constant base and your safe haven whilst you explore the world. You only need to unpack your suitcase once, but you’ll get to see so many incredible places. Your journey time becomes leisure time so you can sit back with your favourite cocktail as the crew sail you to the next destination.

2. Nothing beats that magical feeling of waking up in a new country every day

Waking up in a new country every morning is nothing short of magical. I loved opening my curtains to new landscapes and vistas every morning. Starting your day with breakfast on the balcony and taking in your new sea view has to be one of the best reasons to try a cruise. Every day is exciting with just the right amount of ‘the unknown’.

3. The photo opportunities are endless

If you’re a keen photographer or you’re simply doing it for the ‘gram, you will have endless photo opportunities on a cruise. As well as all of the beautiful destinations, you’ll be able to shoot the spectacular ocean sunsets and epic sail-ins. Our sail-in to Oslo through the Oslo Fjords was an incredible experience I will never forget.

4. It’s a great way to explore a more intrepid corner of the world

If you’re a seasoned traveller and the typical cruise routes of The Med and The Caribbean don’t get your juices flowing, why not try a cruise to explore a more intrepid corner of the world? You could voyage through Alaska, South America, Japan or South East Asia. Take advantage of a cruise to scratch the surface of places that you might not necessarily plan a holiday to.

5. It’s a chance to give yourself a digital detox

I was amazed to find how great the Wi-Fi connection was on board Regal Princess, and I loved that use of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger was complimentary to all guests. But beyond that, the cost of Wi-FI isn’t cheap on a cruise so it’s a great chance to give yourself a digital detox.  Forget the Wi-Fi all together and see the cruise as an opportunity to re-connect with your loved ones and give your time to people that really matter to you the most.

6. You Don’t (Necessarily) have to get on a flight

For those with a fear of flying or families with young children, a huge benefit of a cruise is that you don’t need to get on a flight. Princess Cruises have voyage starting points all over the world including Southampton in the UK, Fort Lauderdale in the US, Copenhagen in Denmark and Singapore for Asian routes. But keep in mind that you may have to fly to your starting point if you want to cruise long-haul destinations.

7. They can be great value for money

Once on board the cruise ship, you could technically enjoy the whole holiday without having to spend an extra penny on food or drink . Most cruise lines off all-inclusive dining and some non-alcoholic drinks are also all-inclusive. On land, all of the cruise tours are optional and you can explore each destination independently (and probably for a lot less). Cruise companies often release some amazing deals so going on a cruise is probably more affordable than you think (especially if you consider how much it would cost to reach all the places on your cruise with other modes of transport).

8. It’s a haven for foodies

I’m not going to lie, a cruise is an incredibly indulgent experience (another reason why they’re so wonderful). From gelato by the pool to afternoon tea, and all the multiple-course meals, there are endless excuses to…well…eat! The food on board Regal Princess was at an incredibly high standard and whilst there was a buffet restaurant, many of the a la carte restaurants were also part of the all-inclusive food package. There were a handful of premium restaurants on board which guests can enjoy 5 course meals for a small surcharge of around $35. The waiters are passionate about food and the way they presented the menu to us every evening made the dinners feel like real foodie experiences.

9. Families and children are very well-catered for

Whilst it might not be the first type of family holiday you’d consider, cruise ships are actually incredibly family and child-friendly. Princess Cruises have a dedicated kids club, teen club and even a secret society for young adults aged 18-20. All of the clubs and activities are inclusive of the price, and parents can choose to leave their kids onboard in the hands of trained child carers whilst they they get off the ship to explore. There’s also late-night group kid-sitting so you can head out for a romantic meal whilst the kids are entertained. Having kids actually adds tonnes more reasons to try a cruise. 

10. It’s an incredibly sociable and fun experience

On the whole I would say that cruising is an incredibly sociable way to travel. I was amazed at how friendly everyone was on the ship and it was rare that I would get into a lift without a conversation striking up with an interesting person. As a group of 10 bloggers in our 20’s and 30’s we did stick out like a sore thumb, but I noticed how the other guests interacted with each other and it was 100% inclusive and welcoming. Our cruise ship, Regal Princess, organised daily meet ups on the ship for single travellers. You could also choose to have dinner with a new table of people every night, which I think is common on all cruises. There are endless bars and a night club on board the ship, so early nights definitely aren’t the only option. 

11. Cruises are a cultural melting pot from people all over the world

I loved how international and multi-cultural everyone was on the cruise. The crew were from all over the world, and I loved reading where everyone was from on their name tags. I met crew members from Vietnam, The Philippines, Canada and Colombia and it really felt like could have been someone from each country around the world on the ship. I chatted to guests from America, Canada, Spain and China and it felt like everyone was united over a common love of cruising.

12. There are also Adult-Only areas for total relaxation

As someone without kids, I really appreciated The Retreat and The Sanctuary, Regal Princess’ adult only areas of the ship. The Retreat sun deck has a bar, cabanas, a pool and two hot tubs that all adults are welcome to use and for an extra fee you can check in to The Sanctuary, an exclusive relaxation area at the front of the ship. There are super luxe sun loungers, private gazebos and even a massage room, all with the most amazing ocean views. This is definitely the place to be for those days at sea.

I hope that these 11 reasons to try a cruise in your 20’s and 30’s have opened your eyes to the possibilities of cruising. I think going on a cruise is an amazing way to see the world with tonnes of benefits that millennials would love, if only they dared to try it.

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Would you consider trying a cruise? Has my cruise experience and blog post made you think differently about cruising? I’d love to hear your opinion, so please leave a comment in the box below.

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My cruise experience was part of Princess Cruises’ 11-day Scandinavia and Russia cruise which usually departs from Copenhagen and is available from £999

This post has been created as part of a sponsored collaboration with Princess Cruises. All views are my own.

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