Last weekend we had our first night away from home since the UK lockdown began. We went to Cleethorpes for the weekend and had an overnight stay at Theo’s Nannies house. It felt so nice to pack our bags and get away. It was also the perfect opportunity to try out our new Sleep & Go Lite travel cot by Micralite. The original Sleep & Go cot is a clever travel cot is a 3-in-1 bassinet, travel cot and playpen. The Sleep & Go Lite works in exactly the same way, but without the newborn bassinet. Here’s my review of the Sleep & Go as a Mum of a very active 17 month old. I hope you this post helps you find the right travel cot for you.

Micralite Sleep & Go Lite Travel Cot Review

Light and Compact

Firstly, I love how light and compact the Sleep & Go Lite is. It comes neatly stored in a black zip bag with handles, meaning you can throw it over your shoulder whilst carrying other bits. It fit easily into the boot of our car, although being 88cm in length, it wouldn’t fit into a suitcase. If you were flying with this travel cot it would need to be a standalone piece of luggage.

The Set Up

Once we arrived at the in-laws, I went upstairs to put the travel cot up. Having played around with the cot before at home, I already knew it was super easy to set up. It’s literally a case of sliding it out of the bag, and standing the legs out until you hear the ‘click’ to confirm they’re safely in place. Then you just insert the padded mattress which also comes in the bag. Watch my IGTV below to see how easy it is to put up.

I would say that the mattress is quite firm but still comfortable and does the job. We forgot to bring a fitted sheet for the mattress but the material is wipe clean so we didn’t have to worry too much.


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Collapsing Down

We found it just as easy to put the Sleep & Go down as we did to put it up. All you need to do is find the black buttons on the frames to collapse the legs. It all folds back into a streamlined shape ready to slide into the storage bag.

Great for Play Time

It’s really handy that the Sleep & Go can also be used as a play pen and in hindsight I could have been using it for this purpose throughout lockdown. It also has a plastic coated bottom so you could use it in the garden.

Choosing Between the Sleep & Go Original and the Sleep & Go Lite

Just to be clear, the Sleep & Go Lite (£135) does not come with the insert bassinet or a zip down side for play time. This makes it ideal for older babies (6 months+) and toddlers who wouldn’t need the bassinet. The original Sleep & Go is a little more expensive (£169.99) but comes with the newborn bassinet and zip down side. Other than those differences, they are very similar and operate in exactly the same way.

I think the zip down side is a great feature when using the travel cot for play time, especially as your child gets older. I think it’s a shame this feature isn’t included on the Sleep & Go Lite as well.

The Verdict

For us, the Micralite Sleep & Go travel cot ticks every box. It’s both stylish and functional, with various uses as your baby grows. It’s unlikely we’d ever need to fly with it so the length is not an issue for us. Its safe and sturdy, even when housing a boisterous toddler!

The Micralite Sleep & Go original retails on Amazon at £169.99 and the Sleep & Go Lite (without bassinet or side zip) retails at £135.00 

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The Micralite Sleep & Go travel cot was kindly gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All words and views are my own. Some links featured within this post are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission for purchases but it does not affect the price you pay. 

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